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Last week I was on a coaching call.

This particular client was going through the (e)motions that come with bringing voice to the nitty gritty.

And truth be told, it can take a little while before we get to the exact thing that is bringing the sadness/frustration/emptiness (fill in your emotion!).

She divides her time in two countries, and of course, since the outbreak of Covid-19 she was limited to being in just one of those countries, the one she happened to be in at the time of the worldwide shutdown. This might sound like a luxury problem, but when you have your elderly mother, other family members and besties thousands of miles away whom you worry about, it isn't so luxurious anymore.

"Would it be fair to say you feel homesick?"

She leant into that question...and I can usually tell if I hit the nail on the head: the response then is a heartfelt: "YES!"....but that didn't come.

"I am not really homesick, I have my home here also as well as there..."

We continued our talk. Leaning in here....leaning out there.... and most importantly feeling...

I closed my eyes and helps. It helps me center...helps me to not respond from my head but to connect with that energy that is there but hasn't yet been named.

And it hits me, I say to her: "Could it be maybe it isn't so much being homesick as much as it is being Tribe Sick? You miss connecting with your tribe, the people who you resonate with most, those that you feel safe and connected with. And knowing that you won't be able to visit them any time soon creates a longing and emptiness for that connection...?"

And then came the heartfelt and tear-filled 'YES!".

A very simple action step came from this session and she felt a lot more at peace when I checked in with her later on in the week.

Tribe Sick.

I have thought about those two words that came out of my mouth that session.

We lack and crave touch, intimacy. lounging on couches with piles of friends, 'hobbying' together, family meals, vacations.

A video was going viral on FB of two young cousins who got to hug each other for the first time in months. It was an emotional release of sorts and it made many viewers well up, including myself.

You don't know what you've got until it's gone. In this case: until it is inaccessible.

So many people are forcefully physically disconnected from those they love.

Elderly in homes can't be visited anymore. Siblings in different countries or states feel the effects of long-distance distancing.

And maybe you never even visited each other that often...because life gets in the way and before you know it, another week has passed and, oh well...we'll make it happen next week!

However, the scales are balanced differently now. The option is out of the equation.

There was always the idea of the option.

That has been taken away. And it changes everything...

So if you read this and it has you well up...reach out to your loved ones, connect with your tribe in different ways until you can give them the deepest, most meaningful and amazing hug you will ever give!


Debby is a Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and Coach with a background in Myofascial Release Therapy. She integrates BodyMind Coaching, RTT Tapping, SoulCollage, Akashic Healing into her one-on-one coaching trajectories.

Her gift is guiding people back onto their path, no matter how much they seem to have veered off it! She loves going on that journey with people and is the perfect co-pilot!

Do you feel stuck? Lost? Do you feel like there should be more to life and you just can't seem to get there?

Book a complimentary Discovery Call by clicking onto the 'let's connect' tab and filling out the form.

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