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Silent Counselling
where words aren't necessary

Is the fear of going deep holding you back? Or do you experience a sense of disconnect?

*You don't always have the words to put to your wounds.

*Some wounds are too hard to face and voice.

*Sometimes trauma happened before you had a speaking voice.

*Trauma's can be past life related or generational.

When I first heard the term Silent Counselling I was intrigued by the name, and when it was brought to my attention for the second time a few weeks later, my Sacral started responding and I knew I had to do some investigating. Not long after, I signed up to train and facilitate this wonderful non-invasive method of healing therapy, using muscle testing, tapping, breathwork, chakra balancing, and the meridian points.

The reason Silent Counselling is such a wonderful and powerful modality is that it requires zero disclosure or discussion of the issue at hand.

This is where we get rid of any negative emotions that are trapped in the body, working through fears, phobias, blocks, limitations, insecurities, and more, shifting you from victimhood to 'Choicefulness' (the joy of making empowered choices) and you get to take home tools to use for yourself.

A single session (anywhere between 70/90 minutes)  is currently US$111 plus tax.



I offer my services in both English and Dutch

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