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Gate 34 - Power


Gate 20 - Metamorphosis

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I am a pragmatic, down-to-earth, WooWoo kind of person, with a big heart and a good balance of seriousness and humour. I have done a lot of experiencing, studying, healing, de-conditioning , and more studying (and continue to do so!).

I had been hiding way too long

I didn't decide out of the blue that I am going to become a guide to others just because I needed something to do. I draw upon my own experiences, growth, and innate drive to help and guide others. 

Becoming a multiple-method healing facilitator and coach has been an investment in myself that had been a long-time coming; I'd been steering toward it for years ~ all this is beautifully evident in my Human Design chart, I just didn't know it at the time. 

As a Level 4 certified Quantum Human Design™ specialist and coach, a trauma-informed BodyMind coach, a certified Silent Counselling practitioner, a certified RRM™ practitioner, JFB myofascial release therapist, and a certified Akashic healer, I am confident in my ability to guide others into a higher expression of themselves.

True to my Human Design Type, the 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator, I've done many trainings in the past twenty years or so. Aside from the qualifications mentioned above, I am a SoulCollage facilitator, a Reiki master, a Thai massage practitioner, and a 200-hour certified yoga teacher which I've never actually taught, but it taught me a lot. It truly was the beginning of reconnecting with my own Human Design & therefore my quantum purpose.


As your coach/reader/healing facilitator I am there to support you along the way with the understanding that you know that what you get out of the work we do together is what you put into it. I am compassionate, a great listener, and good at tuning out the static and getting to the core... with which you do the work.

accountability . time and energy investment . responsibility .

self reflection . self nurturing


Those are high on my list. With my 5/1 Human Design Profile and Gate 18 twice in my chart, I will firmly yet lovingly help you see things from a different perspective so you can shift into a higher expression of your design and live a more joyful life.


I offer: 

single Quantum Human Design™readings

single Silent Counselling sessions

Akashic healing journeys

single Akashic energetic tune-ups


Do you feel you are truly ready to shift in a big way and move through the blocks, wounds and fears that hold you back? A custom coaching trajectory that includes all of the above and more, is the way to go.

I offer my services in both English and Dutch

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