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I offer my services in both English and Dutch

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Without awareness there is no choice

                                                                                          John F. Barnes

Has the term Akashic Records started crossing your path? Chances are it has, or you probably wouldn't land on this page.


Have you maybe dabbled in your own records?

Or, do you not really understand what it is but it resonates

I am going to explain it as simply as I can:

The Akashic records (or Akasha) is your Soul's Cosmic filing cabinet which holds the memories of all your actions, words, thoughts & experiences over your lifetimes and across all timelines (Past/Present/Future).

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning Ether (ākāśa/आकाश)

The Akashic records are found on the ethereal plane (5th dimension/quantum field), where this work occurs.

As a Certified Akashic healer, I tap into your records and identify blocks and restrictions which can come in many forms:

negative attachments/collective thought forms/vows

for example, that are holding you back and affecting your positive self-expression in this lifetime.

Oftentimes, especially for those of you who are already doing a lot of self-healing work, you can pinpoint the origins of specific blocks that originated in this lifetime. But what about past-life experiences that are carried forward and now standing in the way? They are a little harder to tap into, and that is often the frustration around things that are holding you back but that you can't quite put your finger on.

How do I work?

When you book An Akashic Soul Block Healing with me, you give me permission to access your Akashic records.

It is important to know that I can't access them without your permission.

I connect with your Akashic team of guides to do a reading, which is step one, and identify a variety of possible blocks/attachments, etc. which I will then convey to you via a voice note, on average this is a 40-50 minute message.

Please know that I handle a three-week window to get this to you.

You will listen to and integrate the recorded reading and when you are ready to clear the blocks, we schedule the second part which is the clearing

Here we briefly connect on a phone call (I either call you via Whatsapp or phone) to discuss anything regarding the reading and when you are ready, all you have to do is lie back and relax whilst I do the energetic clearing work on my end.

Then comes your part: reading and embodying the 21-day (possibly more depending on what the Records convey) customized soul block clearing decree which I will email you as soon as I have finished the clearing.

This part is important because it is up to you now to anchor in new laws and upgrades into your Records!!

Once you have finished the 21-Day decree I check back in with your Akashic Records to see if it is complete. Should you choose, you can opt to do additional Akashic Tune-ups every six months or so (this consists of a clearing and a mini decree).

I also offer Akashic Clearings of homes, businesses, and land

Land has energy. Homes and buildings have energy. Whether you rent or buy, live, work, or are ready to build there, properties have energy and these energies accumulate, compound, and shift over time. 

Have you entered a new property or started a business in your home? Has your family composition changed? Land can hold past life experiences as much as humans can.

Whatever it is, together we can shift that energy.

As with the Soul Block Healing, I will do the reading in my own time, and also the clearing. You don't need to be present or do anything besides give me your address and type of property (home/business/land or a combination) as long as you are the rightful owner or renter.

Once I have done the work on my end, I will email to let you know it is finished and send you a Decree to read out daily for a week—this is to anchor the new laws and energy into the Akashic Records.





I was no stranger to energy healing/work. I had tried different modalities with limited success. I knew I needed something different, and that's when I decided to work with Debby.


The Akashic record reading/healing she did for me was more in-depth than any other energy work I had ever experienced in my life. The decree that Debby customized for me was so powerful and intentional! Like a daily reminder of the new path I had embarked on. Within three weeks of the reading, I was able to heal from trauma that I had held onto for twelve long years. Opportunities to share my work with the world appeared out of nowhere with almost no effort on my part, this too, after struggling for many years.

The best way to describe Debby's work is to call it the Mother of all energy work.


 I have learnt to trust and believe in myself - fully. This speaks a thousand words about the value of what she offers.


Once I found out Debby was offering Akashic Soul Block/Healing Readings, I just knew this was going to be the next right step for me to take in my healing journey. I had zero expectations going into this experience, I just intuitively knew it was what I needed and that the timing was right. I was ready and willing to fully commit to the process and see it through to completion. It ended up being one of the best gifts I could have given myself and has made a lasting profound impact in my life. At the end of it all, I realized it was the step that bridged the gap from where I was to where I needed to go next and Debby was a loving, trustworthy, supportive guide throughout the whole entire process.


The Akashic clearing that Debby performed has been one of the most healing experiences of my life and I’ve done a lot of energetic work.


Debby uncovered some really fascinating things across the timeline of my existence that I resonated with on so many levels, many of which had been keeping me stuck.


During the actual clearing, I was really able to feel the energy move. My part in the work was reading the customized decree Debby sent me at least once a day for 21 days. This actually felt so good and empowering to me that I ended up reading it twice a day for 40 days.


It was fascinating because different aspects of the decree stood out for me on different days and it seemed that throughout the course of the day, the things that stood out were coming up and being healed.


Before this clearing, I was unsure about what product to launch next and how to go about doing it and I was looking for an apartment and struggling to find the right fit. It all started to align almost immediately.

 Debby is an incredible healer and I’m so grateful for her amazing gifts.






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