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Your Soul Plan is an expansive overview of the worldly and spiritual expression of you and what you've probably always known to be true...

A Soul Plan reading is dedicated to helping you understand and tap into your unique purpose through the worldly aspects of being a human and the spiritual aspects as a Soul having this human experience.

Soul Plan is a powerful modality downloaded by a gentleman by the name of Frank Alper, and is based on ancient Hebrew text, called the Sefer Jetzirah. This system was further modernized by Blue Marsden to shape what is now known as Soul Plan.


As a certified Soul Plan reader I am here to help you gain clarity about your life's purpose. If the idea of a Soul Plan reading resonates deeply within you, then you are ready to tap into its wisdom.

The Plan is calculated using the name you were given at birth.


The more readings I do, the more this is confirmed, over and over again!

There is so much resonance with the themes in ones Soul Plan and is such an

eye-opening experience. What is also incredible is seeing the overlaps it has with Human Design.

We integrate the reading with a clearing to initiate the Plan and unlock the Soul's calling listening to the chant that vibrates with your Soul's Destiny.

A reading takes anywhere from 90-120 minutes and you will have

the opportunity to record the session.

You will also receive a custom created Soul Plan before the reading, using 

colours that are showing up for you right now and any elements you'd like to have incorporated such as a spirit animal, etc.

A Soul Plan reading is priced at $222 plus tax.

I offer my services in both English and Dutch

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