What is Human Design?

Imagine having a blueprint of YOU!

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A guide to your soul-purpose and to your life-purpose. A chart mapping out your personality, showing you how you can live to the highest expression of yourself with the least resistance.


Human Design is based on several different systems: Astrology, Quantum Physics, The Chakra System, the Chinese I'Ching and the Kabbalah, yet as a system it stands alone and is unique, because it serves as a very reliable decision making tool.

The HD system consists of 5 types and each human being on this planet is one of these types.

The Manifestor

The Generator

The Manifesting Generator

The Projector

The Reflector

Each type has its own strategy to live by. 

By using your Human Design chart as the foundation to BodyMind Coaching, we can speed up the transformational process by using your strategy and authority as your reliable guide!

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