Discover the power of living BodyMind Connected

What if you could be your best self.... unapologetically?

What if you could stop living so much in your head, playing the same loops over and over again...not getting anywhere, leaving you

feeling yuck and stuck.

As a result you may:

 Apologize too much

Self sabotage

Be in a state of constant stress

Feel drained of energy

Live with doubt, regret and insecurities

Have unclear boundaries

Feel like your dreams are lost

Have unexplained aches and pain

Be unclear of your goals and how to get there

Feel misunderstood

Care too much about opinions of other

Put yourself on the back burner and every one else on the front

Isn't that exhausting?

When this happens, chances are you are not living the life you

thought you'd be feels like life is living you...

So what needs to happen?

You need to take your power back and re-align with who you truly are!

But how do you do that..when the saboteur is so good at popping its head up, just as we thought we had all the things figured out?

You do that by learning to re-connect with that space within you that holds all the answers....


What then, is BodyMind Coaching and how can that help when all else has failed?

Can you recall a time when you ignored your gut-feeling and in retrospect said to yourself: 'If only I had listened to my gut!'.

That phrase wasn't coined out of the blue. It is because that is where our correct, intuitive decisions are made, and that is what we engage in BodyMind Coaching!

BodyMind Coaching is a revolutionary approach to coaching truly engaging the body&Mind and which gives you the tools you need in life to live BodyMind Connected.

As a BodyMind Coach I help you reconnect Body & Mind through:

embodied conversations where we define the 'stuckness'

tools that will help you connect

personal action steps that will help you align


It is having someone by your side who will help you step over the hurdles.

Hurdles that don’t serve you. 

So we look ahead. Not back. 

If we were meant to look back all the time we would have eyes in the back of our heads (although I swear my mum had those when I was growing up!)

I am there to believe in you until you

believe in yourself


What are some results?

Gaining confidence

Setting healthy boundaries

Seeing that hurdles don't have to be jumped

Seamless transitioning

Increased levels of happiness 

Decreased levels of giving a shit what others think

Re-igniting tucked away dreams & passions

People around you becoming positively affected

Trusting yourself and your choices

Becoming your own biggest cheerleader

Who is it for?


  For anyone who is tired of feeling yuck & stuck!

For those who are constantly putting themselves on the back-burner 

For anyone in transition (empty-nesters/loss/relationship)

For people looking to change their career but have no idea what & how


But most importantly:


Would you like to know more?

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