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The darkness doesn't matter, it's just space between the stars

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Ira Caplan, Behind the Shadows

Do you feel like you may need an extra set of eyes on your life? 

Maybe working with a coach has been on your mind.

Below you can find out more about what it is that I offer and how I operate as a coach. 

Why coaching?

People seek the guidance of a coach for a variety of reasons, my drive as a coach is to shine a light on the shadows and guide you through them: lovingly, clearly,  compassionately, and practically.

As a Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ specialist and coach, I will guide you to onto the path to the highest expression of your Be-ing. This is information I gather from your Human Design chart. This will cut hours off trying to figure out why you are stuck and allow you to heal more swiftly and efficiently using a variety of empowering tools in my toolbox, all of which you will get to take home and use for the rest of your life.

Are you afraid of what others may think of you?

Of what you do? How you behave? Of the choices you make?

Is fear of choosing yourself or fear of judgment holding you back from fully stepping into your life?

Here are indicators that you are living out of alignment

 *You apologize too much

*You don't want to upset the system

*You self sabotage

*You don't deserve ..... (fill in the blank)

*You feel drained

*You live with questions, regrets & doubts

*Your boundaries are unclear (or non-existent)

*You feel like your dreams are lost

*You have unexplained aches and anxiety

*You are unclear about your goals and how to get there

*You feel misunderstood and unsupported

*Your job is sucking your energy

*You care too much about the opinions of others

*You struggle to believe in yourself

*Your efforts are unappreciated

*You blame others for your misery 

*Fear holds you back

Isn't that exhausting?

You ​shouldn't feel this way 

and you don't have to.

You are a sovereign being deserving of everything! 


Now this does come with some deep deconditioning work and

un-layering of your personal onion.

What are some signs of living from your true essence?

*Tapping into your creative flow with ease

*Trusting your body/gut/intuition 

*Gaining confidence

*Seeing that hurdles are mere myths of the mind

*Seamless transitioning

*Healing the self on a quantum level

*Increased levels of joy and happiness 

*Emotional frequency calibration

*Decreased levels of giving a sh*t what others think

*Re-igniting tucked-away dreams & passions

*People around you becoming positively affected

*Trusting yourself and your choices

*Becoming your own biggest cheerleader

*Loving yourself

What needs to happen?


You have to change your narrative

& rewrite your story!

How can this help when all else has failed?

Can you recall a time when you ignored your gut feeling and in retrospect said to yourself:

'If only I had listened to my gut!'

That phrase wasn't coined out of the blue. It is because that is where our correct, intuitive decisions are made, and that is what we engage in our coaching container.

When we decide to walk through a Coaching Trajectory together, I use a variety of tools I have stashed in my tool-bag: knowledge I've gathered in the last twenty-odd years investing in my own growth and development, so that I can now fully support you.

Now, this is not about never ever experiencing another wobble in your life...wobbles happen! This is about moving through them without rigidity and living in flow with what comes your way.


 I integrate Silent Counselling/RTT™ Tapping/ BodyMind™coaching/Akashic healing in my coaching trajectories.

Who is it for?


*For anyone who has the nagging feeling there should be more to life than their current reality.

*For the person who doesn't feel seen or heard.

*For the person who is playing small and feels the desire to play bigger.

*For the one who is always putting themself on the 


And most importantly:

FOR THE PERSON WHO IS READY TO DO THE WORK, WOBBLES AND ALL, IN ORDER TO (RE)CONNECT WITH THEMSELVES while I am there alongside, believing in you until you believe in yourself.

Are we a coaching match?

If you are interested in a custom coaching trajectory in which Silent Counselling, Quantum Human Design™, BodyMind™ coaching, Akashic healing, and RTT™ tapping are interwoven you can book a fifteen minute discovery call and we can see if we are a possible match.

Book a discovery call with me free of charge to see if we are an energetic match & to see if my coaching approach is for you!

FREE - fifteen minutes



I offer my services in both English and Dutch

I came to Debby because I had no idea how to solve an issue I had.

Debby's approach to coaching is very different to what I know to be coaching. By connecting body and mind, I learned that I can truly rely on myself!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is scary, but not the end of the is actually the beginning of a better life.

The answers to the issue I needed to deal with were within me all along, but to have Debby guide me and support me helped me hear that and feel safe whilst figuring it all out.

When I finally dealt with things, I felt strong and confident!  It is less and less difficult  to stand up for myself!


I was feeling rather 'impossible' - like a stubborn donkey that wouldn't cooperate with myself!


Debby recognized right away that my idea of what I "should" be doing wasn't hitting the mark of what I actually wanted, and what would serve me best.


Debby's ability to bring the language of the body into the conversation is unique and powerful. In my first session, she guided me through a virtual Myofascial Release treatment for my jaw, on Zoom, which was absolutely incredible.


Between appointments she kept me accountable and engaged. Debby helped me bridge the gap into feeling aligned and empowered, and I can't thank her enough!



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