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Become a Silent Counselling practitioner

So simple and effective, it's almost too good to be true!

But don't worry, it's actually the best thing since comfy mattresses

An important piece of the puzzle for holistic healing facilitators

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Hi, I'm Debby, your trainer

I have soul-journeyed far and wide to finally come to a place in my life where I feel confident to guide and heal others along their journey. I love to help people and I love to teach, it is actually one of my super powers! I am also the founder of She Woo Dares®, listen to my podcast here.

In a past present life I trained girls to be confident and competent yacht stewardesses, in this life I can do the same for you: to be confident and competent Silent Counselling practitioners. I am accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) as a trainer of this work.

I love all the 'woo' modalities that I know will bring people closer to their authentic expression and aside from being a Silent Counselling practitioner, I am a Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ specialist and coach, a BodyMind coach, an Akashic Healer, a Soul Plan reader, CJMindCleanse Method practitioner, SoulCollage® facilitator, Reiki master and Myofascial Release therapist.

I'm a unicorn who stopped trying to fit in a long time ago!

What is Silent Counselling?

Silent Counselling is a unique and effective healing method. This non-invasive meridian therapy facilitates the healing of hurts, fears, phobias, blocks, insecurities, emotional and mental conditioning, etc. without the need to discuss or relive past experiences or traumas. 

It takes clients from a state of victimhood to choicefulness, rapidly shifting from what held them back into a more confident and relaxed state of being.

Silent Counselling communicates with the energetic body, identifying meridian blocks using muscle testing, releasing through breath and touch, realigning using chakra balancing, and reenforcing through guided visualization and affirmation.

Often a single session is already enough to bring about massive shifts in the client's wellbeing and mindset and with some simple tools to take home, they can continue to empower themselves.


I really appreciate how fast and easy it was to access what needed to be addressed without spending a ton of time talking about it trying to get to the bottom of it. It is pretty awesome how much healing you can do without spending time in the story!  I also really like the synthesis of the different approaches, muscle testing, breathwork, EFT.


Debby guided me  gently through the Silent Counseling session. During the session, I released  trauma trapped in my body and I felt relief and joy. The feeling that “I could move a mountain if I want” is still present in my life. 

For me  the  sessions with Debby were  the equivalent of months of therapy. There was no talking, and the result is just wow! I'm feeling so  empowered and confident. 


My silent counseling session with Debby was quite transformative! I was surprised how powerfully I could feel things shift from deep within my soul in a way where there were no words to describe it. Following my session, I have felt very grounded, content and at peace.



It is of utmost importance to me that this work is continued and honoured with integrity on behalf of its founders.


Guiding others using a modality like this means you need to stand behind it by having experienced it, therefore it is important to me that we have a session together. This way we check that it is the right fit for both parties. If you haven't done this work yet, you can schedule a session with me at a discounted price.

If you have already done this work with me and are interested in becoming a practitioner, you can go ahead and book a 15-minute matching call for further evaluation and to answer any questions you may have.

Training lay-out: next dates to be determined

maximum group size: 8 (min. 2)

Silent Counselling is a wonderful modality for highly sensitive people

 to learn more, watch the video below in which I am interviewed by Analena, an HSP and empath, and
her experience with this healing modality.

Certification requirements and support

Course investment ~ US$ 690 (+ tax = $738.30)

Does this feel aligned? Next steps:

Have you not experienced Silent Counselling with me before?
Schedule your discounted session.

Have you had at least
one session with me?
Schedule your matching call

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