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Hello and welcome beautiful Soul,

my name is Debby, thank you for landing on my page.

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I am a pragmatic, down-to-earth, WooWoo kind of person, with a big heart & a good balance of seriousness & humour who has done a lot of experiencing, studying, healing, de-conditioning and more studying (and continues to do so!)

A person I had been hiding for way too long.

I didn't decide out of the blue that I am going to become a guide to others just because I needed something to do. I draw upon my own experiences, growth, and innate drive to help and guide others. 

Becoming a mulitple-method healing facilitator and coach has been an investment in myself that had been a long-time coming; I'd been steering toward it for years ~ all this is beautifully evident in my Human Design chart, I just didn't know it at the time. 

As a Level 4 certified Quantum Human Design™ specialist and coach, a trauma informed BodyMind coach, certified Silent Counselling practitioner, certified RRM™ practitioner, JFB myofascial release specialist, and certified Akashic healer, I am confident in my ability to guide others into a higher expression of themselves.

True to my Human Design Type, the 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator, I've done many trainings in the past twenty years or so. Aside from the qualifications mentioned above, I am a SoulCollage facilitator, a Reiki master, Thai massage practitioner, a 200-hour certified yoga teacher which I've never actually taught, but it taught me a lot. It truly was the beginning of reconnecting with my own Human Design & therefore my quantum purpose.

By the way, if you are a Manifesting Generator and doing many different things in your life sounds familiar, that is how you are meant to roll. This is how you find and connect with your purpose and expell your Sacral energy. You are not crazy or wishy-washy.


As your coach/reader/healing facilitator I am there to support you along the way with the understanding that you know that what you get out of the work we do together is what you put into it. I am compassionate, a great listener, and good at tuning out the static and getting to the core... with which you do the work.

accountability . time and energy investment . responsibility .

self reflection . self nurturing.


Those are high on my list. With my 5/1 Human Design Profile and Gate 18 twice, I will firmly yet lovingly help you see things from a different perspective so you can shift into a higher expression of your design and live a more joyful life.


I offer: 

single Quantum Human Design™readings

single Silent Counselling sessions

Akashic healing journeys

single Akashic energetic tune-ups


Do you feel you are truly ready to shift in a big way and move through the blocks, wounds and  fears that hold you back? A custom coaching trajectory that included all of the above and more, is the way to go.

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Privacy Policy:


I take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information.

Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order.

I will not sell or redistribute your information.


Refund Policy:

Preparing readings and coaching trajectories take time and a lot of the work is done prior to us meeting.

Please read through my refund policy carefully.

For readings, Akashic Soul block healings, and Silent Counselling sessions:

A 50% refund will be given if readings/healings/sessions are canceled more than 72 prior to the session.

If you cancel within 72 hours and for no-shows, the full amount will be charged.

For coaching

If you decide to cancel our coaching trajectory together prior to having commenced, a refund will be given minus the activation fee, which is of 25% of the total sum. Once the coaching trajectory commences (we have our first online session) a refund will be given according to a coaching agreement, signed by both coach and coachee prior to making payment(s).

Delivery policy:

Upon receipt of your order, the services will be performed  in accordance with the terms applicable to the services that you purchased. The nature of the services you purchased and the date of your purchase may impact the timing of the delivery.

The services will be deemed to be successfully delivered to you upon the performance of the services.

Dee's holistic Hideaway, VBA / KvK H46594.0 / Irenestraat 14, Oranjestad, Aruba / +297-592-4504 /

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