So what is this all about?

That is me activating Sacrals!

Roughly 70 percent of us Earthly Beings are able to tap into our Sacral Intelligence. (The other, non-Sacral Types have a somewhat different way of tapping in to their Decision Making Abilities).


As a Time Bender (Quantum Human Design™) / Manifesting Generator (Traditional Human Design) the BEST way for me to make aligned decisions in life, is to see how my sacral responds.

Alchemists/Generators function the same.



A great way for you to start playing with this Energy is to start asking yourself Yes/No Questions.

That is the Strategy of the Sacral Beings (Manifesting Generators & Generators).

The next trick is to answer with either

Uh-Huh (YES!) or Un-Un (NOPE!) 

I invite you to experiment with this!  

(keep in mind that there are variables, depending on certain channels & definition in the chart)

How do you know if you are a Sacral Being?

Have a look at your Chart.

Don't have one yet? get your Chart here


You will have the Sacral Center coloured in.

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See what I did there?