Quantum HD

in your pocket

So you are a coach...and you LOVE Human Design and would really like to add it to your coaching containers!

You also know you're not the type to sit down and sink your teeth into it.

How would it feel to have me in your pocket, as a Quantum Human Design Consultant for your coaching clients?

To have virtual access to a Human Design Specialist to help you? 

What would that look like? 

You and I connect via the Voxer App and anything that comes up with your client that you'd like to tap into, you can let me know and I will look at their chart for you.

What is needed for this?

* You have had a reading with me so you know if you like my style

*Your client has a foundational reading with me

*The Voxer App on your phone....

It is truly this simple!

Pricing is customized based on length of the coaching trajectory you and your client are in/amount of time you will be using this service.

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