*This is a follow up to the Soul Block Healing.

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The first part is all about healing your Soul Blocks and Restrictions. They are important to clear before moving into the Ancestral stuff.

As a Certified Akashic Healer, I tap into your Akashic Records and identify Ancestral Trauma Wounding & Karmic Debt that are holding you back and affecting your positive self expression in this lifetime.

Oftentimes, especially for those of you who are already doing a lot of Self-Healing Work, you can pinpoint the origins of specific blocks that originated in this lifetime. But what about Generational Trauma that is carried forward and now standing in the way? They are a little harder to tap into, and that is often the frustration around things that are 'holding you back' but that you can't 'quite put your finger on'.

How do I work?

When you book An Ancestral Wound Healing with me, you give me permission to access your Records.

It is important to know that I can't access them without your permission.

I connect with your Akashic Records to do a reading, which is step one, and identify a variety of Ancestral Patterns which I will then convey to you via a voice note for this reading it is on average a 25-35 minute message.

Please know that I handle a 3-week window to get this to you.

You will listen to and integrate the Reading and when you are ready to clear the Ancestral Wounds, we schedule the second part which is the Clearing. 

Here we briefly connect on a phone call (I either call you via Whatsapp or Skype) to discuss anything regarding the reading and when you are ready, all you have to do is lie back and relax whilst I do the Energetic Clearing Work on my end.

Then comes your part: the 21 day (possibly more depending on what the Records convey) Custom Ancestral Wound Clearing Decree which I will email you as soon as I have finished the clearing.

This part is important. It is up to you now to anchor in the New Laws and Upgrade!

This is a multi-step process that will take place over a couple of weeks, depending on how soon you are ready to clear the blocks after receiving the reading.